A dedicated kernel for multi-threading applications.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Toro supports VirtIO block disks and Berkeley sockets

Hello folks! I am glad to announce that Toro supports virtio block devices (issue #158) and berkeley sockets (issue #268). I worked on these issues the last two months and they are already in master. To tests these new features, I modified the StaticWebServer example. You can see that the ata driver has been replaced by the virtio disk driver. Also, you can see that the non-blocking webservice has been replaced for the classical berkeley sockets.


Thursday, February 07, 2019

Roadmap for 2019

Hello folks! I would like to share the roadmap for this year. I am going to focus on improving Toro to run light microservices on VMs. To achieve this, I am going to work on:
1. Reduce the generated image
2. Speed up the booting time
3. Support to microVM, e.g., Firecracker, NEMU.
Most microVM solutions avoid the using of emulated devices so it is very important to add support for more VirtIO devices. Therefore the next feature is 4) to develop the VirtIO block driver (see issue #158). In addition, Toro is going to support classic berkeley sockets for microservices that performs intense IO. Such a feature is currently developed in issue #268.