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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Toro 0.03 ready!

Stack TCP-IP and supports for ethernet network card.
Drivers for ne2000 ethernet card .
Support for FPC 2.2.1
Solved Bugs in Process.
Solved Bug in EXT2 Drivers.
Solved Bugs in Arch.
Others Bugs solved .


Anonymous said...

Nice Job Dude

trying to compiling this gem right now !!!!

i open toro.lpr

press compile and get

Free Pascal Compiler version 2.2.1 Target OS: Win32 for i386
Compiling toro.lpr
Compiling .\rtl\System.pas
rtl\System.pas(82,13) Hint: Type "ValReal" redefinition
rtl\System.pas(82,13) Error: Duplicate identifier "ValReal"
rtl\System.pas(82,13) Hint: Identifier already defined in System.pas at line 73
rtl\System.pas(1776,1) Fatal: There were 1 errors compiling module, stopping

Some hint ?


Matias E. Vara said...

FPC 2.2.1 must be for Win64!! and you are using for Win32 for i386 .
Please read the Manuals and Tutorial in Documentation section.
Saludos Matias Vara .

Anonymous said...

So, Toro-0.03 can only be compiled with 64-bit FPC?

Matias E. Vara said...

The version for 64 bits yes , i am working on the Arch module for i386 but i think that is not important .
Saludos .