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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Memory organization in a multicore system: Conclusion.

From programmer point of view, the access to local and remote memory is transparent. An NUMA could be implemented in a SMP system without any problem. However, the OS must do an efficient memory assignation for improve these technologies.
In the case of SMP, memory administation is easy to implemented while in NUMA is not. The system has to assign memory depending of the cpu where the process is running. Every CPU has an own memory bank. The system performance is poor if there are more remote access than local.
Windows has supported NUMA since 2003 version and Linux since 2.6.X. Both of them gives syscalls to exploit NUMA.
TORO kernel is optimized for NUMA technologies, keeping in mind the moderns processors. The unique way to support NUMA is using dedicate buses. In the high performance environment these improves mustn't forget.

Matias E. Vara

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