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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Running Toro on top of Hyper-V

Hello folks! I am working on the bootloader of Toro to be able to boot on HyperV. First experiments seem very interesting! I could run the example ToroHello on top of HyperV.

I found that the problem was the use of mm0 register in the bootloader. While this works well in KVM or QEMU, in Hyper-V the system hangs/crashes. By using a general purpose register like EBX, the problem is fixed and the kernel is loaded. I could not figure out why this is happening. Also, it was a bit tricky to wake up the other cores but, finally, I got them up. In the the near future, Hyper-V will be installed on every Windows in this context Toro can be an option of containers in a Windows environment. 

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