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Friday, January 12, 2018

Toro compiles with -O2 option

Hello everyone, I spent the last days by trying to compile Toro kernel with the -O2 option. This option tells the compiler to optimise the execution by using the CPU registers. This means that the compiler would keep the data in registers instead of the memory. This supposes a huge improvement in the performance since the access to registers is wide more faster than memory. I give for details about this issue in https://github.com/MatiasVara/torokernel/issues/135. The problem that I faced was that some assembler functions were violating the ABI of Windows x64. In other words, these functions were not restoring the value of registers that the compiler uses. In addition, the IRQ handlers were not doing so either. After fixing all these issues, I am able to compile with -O2 and the result is already in master. A simple comparison of TorowithFilesystem.pas shows an speed up of ~12%!!!! Compilation with -O3 is also posible but I did not make any benchmark.


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