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Monday, February 05, 2018

Docker image to compile Toro

Hello folks! I just created a docker image to compile Toro kernel examples. You can find the image in https://hub.docker.com/r/torokernel/ubuntu-for-toro/. To try it, follow the steps:

1. Install docker. You can find a good tutorial in https://docs.docker.com/install/linux/docker-ce/ubuntu/#install-docker-ce-1

2. Once installed, in a command line run:

 docker pull torokernel/ubuntu-for-toro

3. Clone ToroKernel repository that will be used to provide the code to be compiled:

git clone https://github.com/MatiasVara/torokernel.git

and then move current directory to ./torokernel

4. In a command line, run:

sudo docker run -it -v $(pwd):/home/torokernel torokernel/ubuntu-for-toro bash 

This command returns a bash in which current directory, i.e., torokernel directory, is mounted at /home/torokernel. So now we can just go to /home/torokernel/examples and run:

wine c:/lazarus/lazbuild.exe ToroHello.lpi

This will compile and build ToroHello.img. When we are done in the Docker, we can Exit.


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