A dedicated kernel for multi-threading applications.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Toro will be at FOSDEM'19!

Hello Folks! I have the pleasure to present Toro at FOSDEM'19. This will be my third presentation. This time I am going to talk about how Toro is optimized to speed up the booting time. This is particularly interesting in the context of microservices. When a VM is used to host a microservice, it is powered on/off on demand. This allows cloud providers to save resources like CPU and memory. However, this requires that the VM is up and running very quickly. In this talk, I discuss three approaches that aim to speed up the initialization of VMs. These approaches are NEMU, Qboot, and Firecracker (see abstract here). During the talk, I use these solutions in Toro and I discuss benefits and drawbacks. 

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