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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Compiling TORO On Linux II

I have uploaded to SVN the modifications on Build for support ELF files and make the boot's image on Linux. Build takes the executable file (PECOFF or ELF) and convert it to ToroImage.img .
The step for compile it are :
1 - Do an update on SVN's folder
2 - Run on terminal "sh compile.sh"
3 - That's all , you must have installed fpc for Linux-x86-64 . I tested using 2.2.4 version and it works fine. If the process was rigth the result is ToroImage.img and you can test it using QEMU like in window's version .
Maybe you 'll have got to edit compile.sh for corrects the path of build and fpc.
I am listenning any opinion .

Saludos .
Matias Vara.

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