A dedicated kernel for multi-threading applications.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Implementation of Mutiplex-IO At the level of Network Unit

I have uploaded the first beta version of Network Unit with no-blocking Apis in order to reduce the number of context switch and the number of threads used to listen network connections.
I promise upload the Programmer and Compilation documents soon.
Saludos .
Matias Vara.


Anonymous said...

Good job bros

And if its not a to big job i have some suggest for the documentation

How-to compile linux x86_64 :)

I think its could be could if toro can be compiled on Win or linux


Matias E. Vara said...

Hi! Yes I know, I want to compile TORO on Linux, It's just that i didn't have time, I 'll spend time on it in few months. Thanks!.
Matias E. Vara.