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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Full Ping Implementation in Toro

Hi folks!,
last weekend I spent some time on Toro. My weekend project was to make Toro sends and receives ICMP packets. I started by coding a new test named ToroPing.pas which first sends an ICMP packet, and then waits for the response. At the beginning, this was not working. But, after fixing several bugs in the Network.pas and ne2000.pas, I have the test working quite well. I already pushed all the code and the test. If you try, you will get something like the next picture:

Basically, ToroPing just sends an ICMP packet to a fixed IP, i.e., When the host responds, ToroPing informs that the ping has been responded and sends a new packet. This is done every 2 second. 
The example is very simple, however, it shows that the network stack is working better.



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