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Monday, May 29, 2017

Progress on Toro Virtual Filesystem and tooling

Hi folks! the purpose of this post is to highlight the work done on Torokernel Virtual Filesystem.

Writing Operation support in VFS:
I implemented three new VFS functions: SysWriteFile(), SysCreateFile(), SysCreateDir(). I will not detail the aim of these functions which I think is obvious. However, their semantics could vary from other kernels. For example, SysCreateFile() first tries to create  a new file, if the file already exists it fails. In the case of SysCreateDir(), if the directory exists, it also returns with error.

Writing Operation support in Ext2 driver:
I added three new functions to give support to the new vfs features. These are Ext2WriteFile(), Ext2CreateFile() and Ext2CreateDirectory().

Pci unit:
I moved all the pci device detection to a new unit named Pci.pas. This makes the code in FileSystem.pas much more clear.

Tool to create an populate ext2 images in Windows 10:
To ease the filesystem manipulation, I compiled a simple version of genext2fs for Windows 10. This is a common tool in Linux system which allows to create and populate an ext2 image. In Windows 10, I could not find such a tool so I decided to port it by myself. Again, this is a simple port which may not work in all cases. However, it is working fine in my tests. You can find an user guide here.

TorowithFileSystem.pas project:
I updated this example to show the use of new vfs features. The example still relies on ToroFiles.img which is mounted and used to get /web/index.html. I updated the application to log in the directory /web/logs each time that client requests a page.  

This is more or less all the progress done in the last three months. Future work is the implementation of Continuous Integration to compile the tests examples so stay tuned!


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