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Monday, June 05, 2017

E1000 driver is alive!

Hi folks! I spent this weekend trying to make the driver e1000 works. I started with this piece of code in 2011. I based on the code of Minix3. However, I could not go further than getting the MAC address, and then, I just gave up. I restarted last weekend and I did a great progress. I have almost the ToroPing.pas example working (see Figure 1). The key was to enable E1000_DEBUG in QEMU and put the hands in the code to understand as much as possible what the network card was doing. I will give more details about how enable debugging in QEMU in future posts.

Figure 1. ToroPing.pas running with E1000 driver.
 I will continue progressing on E1000 in the following weeks so stay tuned!


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