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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Compiling Toro 1.1.3

First you must download the last zip of toro , it is toro-1.1.3-src.zip , you can download it from toro.sourceforge.net .

Next you must unzip the packet in the disket-formating with GRUB , for the moment

Toro only have the driver for floppy ( in the future it will have drivers to SATA disk)

Next go to /usr/toro-src/ and execute “make” , here you are compiling the kernel .

Immediately go to /usr/tools/sh and do “make” , do “make” in usr/tools/ls , usr/tools/mkdir , here you are compiling the utilities .

Ready! , you have the diskette-boot for Toro .

You can boot Toro using bochs or from diskette in real machine .
Simple bochsrc.txt file , it works in Bochs-2.2.6 .

floppya: 1_44=a:, status=inserted
megs: 16
floppy_command_delay: 200
boot: floppy

Important! :

The file /usr/toro-src/make.rules have the path of utilities , you must modify .
The linker “ld” must can output “elf-i386” executable file , I don’t know if the ld include in fpc for windows can do that .

Please tell me if you have any question .

Bye Matias Vara .

P.D. : Here you can download the minimal version of fpc 1.0.6 for go32v2 and ld linker , it works with cygwin 2.427 or last .