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Monday, April 18, 2016

Compiling and Testing TORO on Windows 10


Hi folks, I just fixed some bugs to compile Toro by using fpc-2.6.4, and to simulate it in Windows 10 by using qemu. I present some tips to do it.


I am currently using MIGW64 to compile TORO from the command line.  It is only necessary to run make in the toro-code/tests, and then, run the corresponding .sh file to compile the example, e.g., ToroHello.sh by invoking ./ToroHello.sh. The last commits fix any problem during the compilation. The outputting screen should look like in the picture. The needed tools for the compilation are MINGW64 for the make, Nasm for the compilation of the bootloader and fpc-2.6.4 for the build.pas. Once all installed, run the procedure presented above.  


The debugging works well by using the last version of qemu. After installed it, it is only necessary to invoke the corresponding .sh by passing the -e argument, e.g., ./ToroHello.sh -e. By doing so, we get a pretty TORO outputing saying that he is alive.