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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Toro Hello world

In this post, we explain how toro's examples can be compiled, and then simulated.

1) Installs YASM and FPC/Lazarus.

$ apt-get install yasm

To install Lazarus/FPC, please follows the instruction here.

2) Clones TORO repository.

$ git clone git://toro.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/toro/toro

3) Compile tools

Before to compile the toro's examples, we have to compile the tools needed to generate the Toro's image. To do so, runs "make" at /toro/tests.

4) Toro Hello world.

The toro/tests directory has examples that can be simulated by using qemu. These are good examples to start with Toro. Here, we explain how the hello world toro example can be compiled and simulated. To do so, it is only necessary to run:

$ bash ToroHello.sh -e

This will compile the ToroHello.pas example, and generate the ToroImage.img image, if the compilation was successfully. The "-e" parameter is used to execute qemu to perform the simulation of the generated image.

Matias E. Vara