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Saturday, July 15, 2017

The four steps to deploy a Toro application in the Cloud

Hi folks! Toro makes very simple the deployment of standalone-applications on Clouds. I just committed the script SetupCloudGuest.sh which is meant to install the needed tools to run a Toro application in a VM and then makes it public on internet by relying on port forwarding. These are the four steps:
1) Get a machine in Scaleway that will be used to run KVM and the Toro's guests.
2) Clone Toro repo. This contains the needed scripts to setup the host.
3) Run torokernel/tests/SetupCloudGuest.sh. This installs KVM and other needed tools.
3) Download the image that run the guest. For example, you can download TorowithFileSystem.img from here. The image must be copied to torokernel/tests. This workflow supposes that the development is done in other machine and the Toro image is just copied from your local machine to the host.
4) Finally, run Cloudit.sh TorowithFileSystem onlykvm
That's all folks! You can get the guest's console by using a VNC Viewer to port 5900, or connect to port 80 of guest by connecting to port 80 of host.