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Monday, April 22, 2019

New website and more!

Hello folks! I want to summarize the features/improvements in Toro in the last four months.

New Website 

I worked to change the website as you can see at http://www.torokernel.io. I added a button where you can try the same website on a Toro server. This feature is still beta but I plan to host the whole site on such a webserver. This is the very first time that Toro is in production!

Support to AWS and Google Cloud Engine

I successfully tried Toro examples in AWS and Google Cloud Engine. If you want to try, you can find a tutorial at the website.   

Unit Testing

I added tests that run when a change is integrated into master branch. The tests run as a VM launched by travis.  Tests allow to prevent regressions.


I launched a new project named Tachyon which is a webserver based on the Static WebServer example. You can learn about this project at https://github.com/torokernel/tachyon.


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