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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Compiling TORO with FPC 2.2.3

I worked in file system.pas for compile TORO using FPC 2.2.3 . Now Toro can be compiled using last version of FPC 2.2.3. I started with the RTL of Win64 and was reduced only with necessary source .This implementation will present in next Version .
Un saludo Matias Vara .


Anonymous said...

Hi Matias

wanna hear some new from your so cool project ... any chance to have a 32 bit version of your os or its to many work ? . Anyway i will have a 64 bit cpu late this year.

By the way i found some thing that you can check (usb driver or ethernet driver)

Later dude

Anonymous said...

doh miss the link

Anonymous said...

double doh

Matias E. Vara said...

Hello i am not working with 32 bits version for the moment , but i must only change the Arch unit for support 32bits processors.
In other way i know Menuetos project is great.
Saludos Matias Vara .