A dedicated unikernel for microservices

About TORO

TORO project was born in 2003 as initiative of Matias E. Vara. The first idea was to developing a OS in Pascal and Assembler. The first stable realese was in 2005 and the last one in 2006 with 1.1.3 version. This version boots from diskettes using grub and it supports multitaking, pagination and Virtual Filesystem. Also Freepascal compiler was ported to TORO and it was written applications like: ls, echo, etc.
Since 2006, the year in which TORO objectives were modified, the TORO OS project corresponding to the version 1.xx was discontinued. It was done a few modifications to support SMP for dedicate or embedded enviroments. In this cases, a OS is not a choice cause it spends a lot of unnecessary resources. 
The kernel was optimized for Multicore system and that is the principal objective of the project, fix the current problems of Modern O.S. in Multicore environment.

Matias E. Vara